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Zestaw zawiera elementy do stworzenia 24 figurek LIZARDMEN SKINK REGIMENT do samodzielnego malowania i sklejenia. Farbki i kleje nie są częścią tego zestawu.

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In times of war, Skinks take up their weapons to fight alongside the Saurus and Kroxigor. At times they fight in massed formations, bulking out the battleline and guarding the flanks of the Saurus cohorts. At other times, the Skinks advance before the main army in dispersed groups, harassing the advancing enemy with deadly poisoned darts and javelins.

This box set contains 24 multi-part plastic Skinks that can be assembled with blow pipe or spear and shield. This set includes additional parts enabling you to assemble a unit Champion. Models supplied with 20mm square bases.



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