Lizardmen Saurus Warriors

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Zestaw zawiera elementy do stworzenia 16 figurek Lizardmen Saurus Warriors do samodzielnego malowania i sklejenia. Farbki i kleje nie są częścią tego zestawu.

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Saurus Warriors are vicious predators whose very bodies have been created to maximise their fighting potential in close combat. Their bony crests and tough, scaly hides can turn aside the surest of blows. Even unarmed, Saurus Warriors are formidable foes, with sharp claws capable of tearing out throats and a powerful tail that can smash a man’s ribcage.

This box set contains 16 multi-part plastic Saurus Warriors that can be assembled with hand weapon and shield or spear and shield. This set includes options for a Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician, and includes additional parts enabling you to add extra detail to the unit. Models supplied with 25mm square bases.



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